Your Thoughts Shape Your Experience of Life

I had a really great birthday yesterday (check out my birthday ramblings below) and I feel like this upcoming year will be an exceptionally successful one in my life.  Things are lining up in wonderful ways and when the results all come in, there will be much to celebrate.  Today is about fully being present to the steps I need to take to assure the outcomes I desire.  Each day presents a brand new opportunity to positively effect the way my life feels.  I choose to go forward this day with optimism, intention and a commitment to action.  I do shape my reality and today I feel the stream of well being calling me to fully claim all that is waiting in potential to be actualized.  Just outside my door is this huge flow of possibilities and I am making a conscious decision to allow the best and most wonderful things and experiences to come my way.  

The words above are stated in the way they are because I am aligning my mind with my hearts desires and my purposeful call to make positive difference in the world.  I need my mind and my senses aligned with my heart so that all of me is headed in the right direction.  In my work I often see people who say one thing and yet often have not brought their hearts and their thoughts in alignment with where the want to go.  The words we speak can be very powerful but not so much so if our thoughts and heart are not fully on board.  

Take some time in the next few days to see if you are fully aligned with where you want to go in your life.  Note what your intention is and if your heart is fully supportive of that intention.  Then check to see if your thoughts are aligned with that intention.  If your heart isn’t fully connected to where you want to go then you need to further explore your intention.  If your thoughts are at cross-purpose with your intention then you need to corral them and herd them in the right direction.  

Sometimes I write this blog as a reminder for myself too.  Today I am writing with the intention of both herding my own thoughts and inviting you to also take charge of your own thinking.  If there is one thing I have come to understand very clearly in my life, my own growth, and my work in psychology, it is that my thoughts have a very powerful influence over my experience of life.  I want my thoughts to be loving, allowing, open and receptive to an abundant flow of ideas, opportunities, success, money, creativity and the joys of a life well lived.   

Have a great day and feel the love and joy that wants to be expressed in you.