Life Lessons and Inner Knowing

Everything in life comes to you as a teacher.
Pay attention.
Learn quickly.
    Old Cherokee Woman to Her Grandson

What lessons are banging on your door lately?  
What is life attempting to teach you?
What do you need to pay attention to today?
What do you need to learn quickly to move on to more success?
How do you block out what you need to learn?
What in you is holding up the flow of abundance in your life?
Where do you want to go and what is keeping you from getting there?
How do I get in my own way?
What keeps my heart protected and unwilling to open?
How do I sabotage my success?
What faulty beliefs are limiting me?

There are many questions and the mind has many answers.  However below the buzz of the busy mind is the quiet stillness of your higher nature.  In the silence of your knowing is the light and guidance you need to take your life forward.  

Today take some time to walk in quiet contemplation.  On a break or stepping away from a busy day, go for a stroll that is relaxed and easy.  Allow the mind to settle down by focusing on your body breathing and moving calmly.  Then venture into the inner knowing by posing a question (like one of the above or something you have been wondering about) and allow the answer to arise intuitively.  This may take a few minutes but you are in no hurry.  

There is in you all you ever need to know, the collective consciousness and history of humankind is part of your inner capacities and your cellular memory.  In the silence, all of this can be revealed.