The 20 Most Important Questions

How are you today?  As you know I often write about the importance of asking questions.  Today I want to ask you what are the most important questions that need to be asked for the good of humanity and the planet.  Please leave your comments below or at my email at

Here are the 20 questions that I think are essential to ask.

1.    When will we quit judging, hating, and killing people in the name of God?  Is there any greater lie than that rationalization?
2.    When will we evolve enough to stop using war as a way to seek power and have control over others?
3.    What will it take for us to realize that love is the most powerful human capacity and that it has the power to resolve all our world problems?
4.    What false beliefs in you limit you from realizing your fullest expression and potential?
5.    How come 5% of the people have 95% of the wealth and is that ok with you?
6.    How come there is poverty, hunger, and people without medical care in a world that is so rich with money?
7.    Is the Bible the word of men or the word of God?  Is God really represented by only one religion or by all religions or not by any religious organizations?
8.    Why do people give their power to others so easily in the name of security, religion, corporate profits, and government?
9.    Are we humans here to follow our bliss or to give to others?  Could those two be combined?  Is having compassion important for self as important as having it for others?
10.    What is your purpose in this lifetime?  Are you expressing your purpose and how does that benefit humanity?
11.    What is your way of finding your truth?  Can others tell you what your truths are?
12.    Should you live this life as fully as you can or should you live this life to gain points for your afterlife?  Is there really a heaven and a hell?
13.    How do you block your heart from loving and why?  You capacity to love is endless, why do you hold back?
14.    Is your mind open to new ideas, points of view or is it closed?  
15.    Do you have a higher self?  Is the Source of All Creation within you?  Are you any less Divine than any other person or creature on the planet?
16.    How can you make a positive difference in the world?  What do you need to do next to move more powerfully forward in that difference making?
17.    What can we do to heal the dysfunction of politics?  Are the people we elect representing us, or the money that influences them?
18.    Is our education system working well enough to prepare our youth to be conscious, wise and compassionate global citizens?  
19.    What is your greatest dream for you and those you love?  
20.    If you woke up tomorrow and the world was the best you could imagine, what would the world be like, and how would you be in this world?

Have a good day and be open to asking the questions that can make the world a better place.