Daylight Savings Time, Take a Leap Forward in Life

Daylight savings time is here and so we get to leap forward today.  Do you like leaping forward?  Here are some ways to take a quantum leap forward in your life:
•    Stop believing your thoughts, you are much deeper than your thoughts
•    Find the stillness inside, spend time there, that is the expanded you
•    Open to the energy from Source which is everywhere
•    Seek to realize what wants to be expressed in you
•    Find the place of higher knowing within you
•    Be present to each moment as fully as possible
•    Expand your consciousness by seeking to awaken
•    Change all your human relationships to be about love, understanding, compassion and connection
•    Find the presence within that is beyond you the personality, that presence is in everyone
•    See beyond your mind structures to the place where we are all One
•    Grow daily as a way to always keep you heart and mind open
•    Fully love and accept yourself today and from now on

Have a wonderful Sunday and be the amazing human you can find inside today.

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