Raising Your Vibrations For Incredible Results

Let’s take a trip in the Stream of Well-Being together and see how we can enjoy the abundance that flows in and around us.  If we listen careful there must be some guidance we can hear from the higher vibration of the Stream.  Maybe we need to raise our vibration up to match the Streams higher level on manifestation?  I suspect that would be an excellent idea.  How about you and I experimenting and seeing what works?

I suggest we begin with the idea that now is the best time to acknowledge our desire to actualize our connection to the Stream of Well-Being.  This flow of well-being is only available to us moment by moment not in the future or from something in the past.  I want to be present and open to the flow now, allowing it to enrich my life.

Emotions seem to be a relevant part of the connection to the Stream.  If we are connected, our emotions will be expansive, uplifting and receptive.  If we are grinding away fearfully hoping for something better, the Stream will pass us by because we lack receptivity.  Emotions are a powerful connector, so take yourself to a level of high positive expectation.

Think in terms of what wonderful things you can do with all the Stream has to offer.   Imagine doing things that make an extraordinary difference in your life and in the world.  Compassionate giving could feel so good to you the giver and to those that receive.  Can you imagine the joy and smiles of richly giving?

The world is a very abundant place where all you will ever need is available.  The Stream of Well-Being is the supplier that knows no limits.  So there is plenty to go around for everybody.  Can you feel what it would be like to allow you share to come you way?  How big of share do you deserve from a Stream that has an endless supply?  

You are a powerful attractive force.  Are you willing to acknowledge that and be fully receptive to all that is available to you?  You can even raise your attractive power by simply accepting yourself and believing in who you are and what you are uniquely here to do.  Just fully being you can cause the floodgates of the Stream to open in your direction.

Can you really allow yourself to have what you want?  Take a few minutes to come fully in alignment with the flow of the Stream.  Imagine that you are standing or lying in the Stream of Well-Being and it flows through every particle and cell of your being.  You are fully and completely saturated with the Streams flow of abundance.  Does that feel rich and good or what?

Now join with the Source of all universal manifestation.  You and the Stream come from the Source.  Be fully yourself means realizing your oneness with Source (God if you prefer).  Remember the Source is within you.  You and the Stream and Source are one.  Can you for this moment completely own your oneness with the creative force of the universe?  Take time each day to join in quiet contemplation with the energy of Source.  You will feel very expansive by doing so and the results will leave you in awe.

I hope you find these ideas expansive and you take your vibrations to the level of pure manifestation where you and the Stream of Well-Being are one.  Leave me a comment as to how this all feels and what point(s) resonate most powerfully with you.