Taking Yourself Higher

I love it when people leave comments because it lets me know that what I write about has touched someone at some level.  I write because I feel inspiration, encouragement, love, purpose, peace, creativity, potential, passion for life, consciousness, compassion, and progressive ideas want to flow through me and be shared with those who want to expand in heart, mind and spirit.   I am glad you stopped by today because you and I are connected in consciousness.  

I wanted to write today about ways you and I can naturally take ourselves higher.  This topic is something I have explored for more than 30 years both in my life and working with others.  The human potential has always been a topic of great interest to me and therefore I have focus on my own potential and helping others explore theirs.  Here is a simple list of thing you can do today and whenever you need to alter you state to open to being more of what you are passionate about expressing:

1.    Take time to expand in the moment by being fully present.  That means slowing yourself down and hanging out in the now.  This can be challenging because the past and the future both call you away from this moment.  Just watch where you want to go and bring yourself home to the present moment.
2.    Bring your focus to your breath.  The process of breathing in and out is so much more powerful than your realize.  If you pay attention to your breath and gently deepen it, you naturally will take yourself higher.  More oxygen = more aliveness and clarity.
3.    Expressing your creativity is a surefire way to take you higher.  Creativity can be expressed in so many ways.  You could write poetry, sing a song, do a drawing, tell a story, give a talk, explore colors, make a collage, sew a quilt or whatever creativity calls you to do.
4.    Take a walk in nature and begin to open to the wonder of all of life.  Nature is full of beauty, patterns, colors, and aliveness that you can feel connected to if you open up to communicating with it.  Feel the nature as if it is within you.
5.    Take a few minutes each day to enjoy some quiet time.  When you slow down and quiet yourself, you naturally open to your deeper nature.  That nature is one with the Source of the entire universe.  Hanging out with your Higher self will take you naturally higher.
6.    Spend time with your heart.  An open heart is the best and more powerful way to feel wonderful.  There is no limit to how much you can love.  Explore loving everyone and everything even if only in the moment.  Practice acts of kindness and compassion and you will feel great.
7.    Pick up a copy of Be Here Now by Ram Dass and read the brown paper section.  This section naturally takes you higher just be reading it and exploring the ideas it offers.  I have turned that section into a series of collages for my own higher purpose (see example below).  
8.    Explore writers who can take you higher like Ram Dass, Deepak Chopra, Louise Hay, Eckhart Tolle, Thich Nhat Hahn, Osho, Gangaji, Yogananda, just to name a few.  There is so much out there that can expand your thinking and open your heart.
9.    Begin your day by looking into the mirror and opening your heart to yourself.  Look directly into your own eyes and give love to yourself.  Yes this can be challenging but if you truly want to be an amazing human being then it must begin with self-love.  
10.    Take time to practice meditation, quiet contemplation, tai chi, yoga, or opening to the grace of the universe.  I prefer quiet relaxed walking meditation, tai chi and gentle yoga.  Find out what works for you and explore the adventures of inner space every day.  

I know you will find these ideas helpful and expansive.  Let me know what you enjoy and what you learn.  Together you and I can make this world an amazing place if we all take it higher.