Beatrix Potter and The Stream of Well-Being

Sorry if I have been a bit of a bore lately with my regular foray into the confounding ways of politics.  I just watched a British film and the above sentence just came out of somewhere inside of me.  I have been stirring about in the attic of discontent and want to again bring my focus back to what is possible in us, what lingers and longs for expression.  The phrase that keeps on popping up is the Stream of Well Being.  This phrase comes from the works of Abraham-Hicks and I do feel a close connection to the possibilities it poses.  Oh yes the film is still inking my words with the color of proper English.  The movie was the story of Beatrix Potter, the wonderful children’s storyteller artist.  Now let’s see if I can make sense with this story and my image of the Stream of Well Being.

Beatrix was a creative soul who obviously stood squarely in the Stream of Well Being.  She was a artistic/writing genius in her time and all creativity comes from the Stream.  She lived life fully expressing her own uniqueness in a way that would be a good example for us all.  Despite some dreadful controls placed on her by the social standards of her family and the times, she rose above them and ventured out into a world she created for herself.  She was the most successful children’s author and was able to buy and preserve numerous farms in the lake district of England.  That is flowing with the Stream.

Let me put in some light on well-being.  Well-being is the healthy and vibrant call of all the positive urges within us.  It is the urge to live fully, to honor our inner callings, to care for our body, to expand the mind, to express love, to passionately pursue our highest desires, to seek to be more conscious and more realized and to dance with our spirit which knows no boundaries.   Expressing our well-being leads to the fullest experience of joy.

So Beatrix and her imagined animal friends were well-being in words and images.  They were the highest realization of this human spirit.  What longs for expression in you?  Where do your urges call you?  What would your full expression of well-being look like to you?  

I want you to take about 10-15 minutes and close your eyes and imagine that you are stepping fully into the Stream of Well-Being.  In that expanded and receptive place, take several long slow exhales and inhales and allow yourself to get caught up in all that longs to be expressed inside of you.  Visualize and activate all your senses and then be in your minds eye and heart all you can imagine being.  Let this indoor mental/heart party go on until you feel yourself as fully alive as ever.  If you can imagine it, you can make it happen.  

I am rafting down the Stream as I write this, would you like to join me?