Ideas For Inspiration and Next Day Primary Thoughts

Yesterday in my travels across the web to build more traffic for my blog, I came upon a thoughtful post I felt everyone would appreciate an opportunity to read.  The post is titled Fill The Cup and is about how you can make a difference.  Everywhere on the web there are people speaking up for what they see as important.  The web gives voice to many who have things worth saying.  What do you have to say that others would benefit from hearing.   Start your own blog or post comments at other people’s blogs.  Your voice is always welcome here if there is heart and purpose in what you have to say.  

The primary night was disappointing if you were hoping, as I was that, Obama would close out the nomination.  It looks like Hillary’s tactics of going negative using the fear factor worked well according to the experts.  I am so tired of the use of fear to get peoples attention.  We are all, so programmed to be run by fear.  The nightly news is all about fear.  This president has started a war in the name of fear.  The worse governments always use fear to control the people.

Can we move on from fear based campaigns and really talk about the issues that matter most?  Can we leave fear out of the discussion and let people decided about who has the vision of leadership we want?  Can we look to see who has the qualities that can inspire the nation not control it?  That is enough politics for awhile here at my blog.  I even get tired of it and I have a passion for the process.  

I picked up a book at Costco yesterday.  It is a classic called, You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay.  Louise has been a great inspiration to me over the years and I felt I could use a good dose of her these days.  I invite you to have a read of this book if you find yourself needing some inspiration.  This book is about your thoughts and your ability to love and accept yourself.  We can all use healing in this area.  

I often return to books/authors that lift me up.  There are also great sites on the web that are worth exploring.  Go to your favorite search engine and put in a topic and you will find lots of resources.  If you look under self-development you will find may references that will lift you up.  I found another site worth visiting yesterday; check out
At the abbey site see the post for March 4th and look at the article called Widening Circles.

I hope you day goes well and you find a moment or two to love yourself for who you are.  You deserve love today and every day.