Big Primary Tuesday and the Age of Money Influence

Another big primary Tuesday and as usual the experts have their opinions about what it all means.  Are you getting tired of the process?  Isn’t there way too much money being wasted to spread unkind remarks?  If there is one thing that really needs to happen to make America better; that one thing would be to get rid of all the money influence in the elections and in D.C.   Once elected official get to Washington, they all seem to get bought by those with the money.  How can you have a vibrant democracy if the money influences the making of all the laws?  Banking gets laws to support their interests.  Insurance companies get laws to influence their interests (Hillary gets more health insurance money then almost anyone else).  The war machine industries get laws passed in support of their profits.  And of course the energy companies get every legal request they make.  

There are many more lobbyists than there are people in Congress.  Everybody with money is looking out for their interests.  Who looks out for the needs of the people?  In Washington, DC there is really only one political party.  That party is called the Money Influenced Party and their concerns for what is best for the people is in words only.  Money is not inherently bad it is more that money, in the hands of those who want to buy influence, can be very effective.   This present administration has made their friends very rich and Congress seems happy to do so.  As long as money has a major influence our democracy will continue to fade away.  

I hope this day at the polls ends this nonsense and get the final two candidates chosen.  On the Republican side, John McCain is an old soldier that will bring an endless war to Iraq and more ridiculous economic policies to the White House.  There is no inspiration in this man.  He is as wooden as you get.  

If Hillary scores a huge upset and is the party candidate then you get a secretive, politician that says whatever she thinks the people want to hear.  She is a good enough speaker and will rally lots of people behind her.  

If Obama becomes the candidate you will see a lot of nasty stuff thrown at him by those that hate in America.  He is brilliant speaker with a passion for the people.  His record as an organizers and advocate for the less fortunate means he has heart and is about empowering the people.  He has the qualities and vision to lift up this nation in a time when there is a real need for leadership.

I hope you have a good day today and that the candidate you support does well.  This is a day about the future of this country and a vision for the future we can all work to make possible.  Call your congressional representative today and let them know you want the end of money influence in Washington DC so the people can have their country back.