You Can’t Push The River

I watched the DVD version of The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra.  I got it through my regular Netflix.  I very much appreciate the book and was looking forward to seeing this.  It was in story form with Deepak’s word and full of wonderful information and inspiration.  

As my wife and I sat down to watch it, I had an intuitive sense there were some lessons in this DVD that would be valuable for each of us to hear.  I suggested we listen for what message most connected to us for helping us move forward in our work and our lives.   

The message that was clear to me was the importance of going with the flow of life.  For a while now I have been too effortful and trying to “push the river”.    It is funny, the phrase, push the river, has come up a number of times lately and I think I finally am listening.  To me, pushing the river means, I am trying to make something happen that would be much easier if I just went with the natural flow of the universe.  I get so determined sometimes that I try to make things happen and forget the part of letting it flow.  

That is why I have been so drawn to the Stream of Well-Being that Abraham/Hicks talks because a part of me knows that is just where I need to be.  I need to step into the rich and wonderful flow of life and relax into the Stream of Well-Being.  Yes, where all the good stuff is in abundance.  

I am not saying effort isn’t ever necessary.  I am however reminding you and myself that there is an incredible flow of creation that is always available to us when we are open to the intuitive and wise flow of the universe.  This is true and I suggest you test it out for yourself.  I have, in past moments, felt the flow very clearly but my busy mind has sidetracked me into the way of the ego and its thoughtful effort.  Pride in the form of trying to be successful has been sneaking around my mind whispering its need to be in control message.  I have only now been conscious enough to catch it.   

I see that I have been on a full speed ahead course that has push aside some of the inner knowing that I count on and replaced it with the determination of the ego in search of proving itself.  I am stopping that now.  Ego is going on vacation and I am being guided by a higher knowing in me that I am aware of when I pay attention to my heart and follow the guidance of my spirit.  

I hope this makes some sense to you and that you have a better sense of why it is easier and more rewarding to go with the flow.  Life is all a very interesting experiment and I am confident this latest course correction will open me to the wise ways of the universe.  

Have a good day and enjoy the flow of the creative force waiting for you to partake.