Recovery and Those On An Easier Path

I am working at Detox and Recovery program where I run therapy groups and counsel those in the early stages of recovery.   Those in early recovery spend a lot of time rediscovering themselves after years of numbing out from the alcohol and drugs they used. These years are lost to the abuse and they are emotionally stunted because there maturing process was put on hold.  Under the influence of substance your values and feelings don’t have the opportunity to evolve because you are out of touch with your own ability to think beyond your struggles and see the bigger picture.

I watch the pain and agony of those on this journey and I feel grateful that I have not traveled that path.   I see how hard it is: to not trust yourself; to wake up from the nightmares of your past; to try and find some place you feel ok inside; to be overwhelmed by all the stored up emotions; to feel the sadness, regret, and shame for how you have behaved and treated others; and so much more you feel bad about.  To succeed at recovery is amazing because the early odds are against you.

Now if you and I were to compare our lives with those attempting to get clean and sober, we most likely would not feel as overwhelmed as those attempting to find themselves, their hearts, and heal all that hurts so much.   Our path if free of the addict’s ways and troubles so it is something we can manage and improve upon.  Those in the midst of abusing substance cannot manage their lives in any way that is successful.  We can and that is a reminder to me that I have the power to make healthy choices.  I am thankful for that choice.  

Making healthy choices, finding your heart, pursuing success, and living in ways that make almost anything you set you mind on possible, is a gift.  Take time today to sit in gratitude for all you have, for the healthy ways you are, for the positive choices you can make, for the gift of peace of mind that is available to you.

It is mid-week and a great time to take inventory of all the good in your life.   To have what you have is a real blessing.