What Is Normal?

We live in very lively and ever changing times.  Normal use to be an idea that made me think of Ward Clever and his son Beaver, Lassie, the Nelsons, or even the Partridge Family.  Now how would you describe normal?  Normal has changed a lot. 

The average person is no longer average.   The security of the single family home is becoming more elusive.  The honest politician seems hard to find.  The big company looking out for the good of its people through retirement seems like a thing of the past.  The small community hardware store is loosing out to the mega stores.  Many churches have become corporations driven by money.  Nature, for too many, is nothing more than outside where the car is parked.   Love is something that is misunderstood as only romantic and mostly temporary.  Real joy looses out to entertainment.

What is real?  What really matters?  Who really cares about us?  Who looks out for the people?  Does anyone care about future generations?  What do you value?  How do you find your truth?  Does the making of money rationalize any behavior?  Are people in Congress and the White House representing the people or those with money influence? 

I think there is no longer a normal.  I suspect there never was but things are truly very different than when I grew up.  Different is neither good nor bad.  Today change is normal, fast-paced, information and stimulation overload, fearfully hurried and full of worry and yet people keep going forward.  Normal is feeling overwhelmed and in debt.  Working more than ever and seeming to make less, while having so little time for those we love. 

Do I have you fully confused now?  So am I.  I don’t know where we are headed and if things will ever get back to normal but I highly suspect they never will.  So how do we do this thing called life in the midst of chaos?  I will share some ideas over the next few days.  What is normal to you?