Feed The Hungry; Make A Difference

Yesterday I wrote about the insanity of war and the policies of our government.  Today I want to write about something you can do to make a difference in your community.  Bill Moyer’s show last night was about hunger in America and farm subsidies. The farm subsides issues is a scandal but the idea the 25 million people in this country don’t have enough food to eat is an outrage.  Can you imagine that a country as rich as ours lets people go hungry?  If you are not political but feel the urge to make a difference, here is what you can do where you live: FEED THE HUNGRY.

In each community there are food banks or other food pantries where the less fortunate can get food.  There are large shortages happening and your help is needed TODAY.  

In this country and around the world there are a number of hunger projects.  The one on Moyer’s Journal last night was Bread For The World led by David Beckman.  Check out his interview.  In the last few years there has been a real demand for food by those who can’t keep up with the rising food costs.  9 million children don’t have enough to eat, which means their cognitive development can be harmed.  3 million seniors in this country, many who worked their whole lives, cannot afford to feed themselves on their pensions.    Is that OK with you?  

If you do an Internet search on hunger, you will see there are number of programs and if you look in local community you can find projects to get involved in NOW.  Take the time to give of your time or resources.  Giving always feels good.  Make it a goal this year to help feed someone in need, a family, or give to feed as many as you can.   It will take a little effort but the return will be much greater.   

Have an enjoyable weekend and let your heart shine.