We All Need To Find Our Voice

I had to write some thoughts on the state of politics in this country as the war in Iraq continues to kill more and more people, as the war in Afghanistan continues, and as this administration now renews their campaign to start a war in Iran.  The ego driven insanity of those in charge is beyond belief to me.  That Congress goes along and keeps funding this insanity puts into question whether there is any other political party than the Money Influence Party in Washington DC.  So what if the people want us out of the war in Iraq, so what if only 20% of the people support the job he is doing, so what if we break the rules of the Geneva Convention and show no respect for human dignity.  Well it is time we speak up.

What is going on, directed by the White House, is a disgrace to humankind, to anyone who has any higher values, to anyone who has a heart or any value for human life.   This is cold-blooded murder in the pursuit of power.  The major press has gone right along without any attempt to even questioning any of this; as if they are sheep who have lost their ability to think rationally.

The only place you find real questioning going on is the Web, where people. free of corporate influence, are driving the discussion and sharing a variety of points of view.  The major networks rarely vary from the talking points of this administration.  The people however know that more is going on than meets the eye of those that trust the nightly news.  

It is time to wake up the nation from its sleep of entertainment, shopping, and working more hours to have more things.  It is time to stop being sheeple and become people who have active, thoughtful minds and open, compassionate hearts.   It is time to get involved, speak up, ask question, get together with other to take action.  We can no longer afford the let the people we elected hide away from their responsibility to hold this President accountable.  He has had free reign and no one has had the courage to organize any real action to hold him in line.  How could anyone be intimidated by this President?  There is nothing scary about him except his lack of touch with reality and they have hospitals to assist those in trouble like he is.  Bush is an emperor with no clothes on and no one dares to say anything.

I ask you with all my heart to get involved in politics and let you voice be heard.  Reason and heart are in very short supply and you and I are the ones that need to provide it.  We cannot count on our elected officials at the national level for they are no shows in doing their job of providing checks and balances.  We are the ones that have to change the course or Iran will be the next target and this administration will hand the next President their huge mess to clean up.  We the people can’t let that happen.

I will write more soon about the kind of leadership we need to guide this nation back on course from the nightmare Bush and Cheney are responsible for creating.  Their leadership will go down in history as a very dark time.

That is enough ranting for today.  I am finding myself more and more concerned about the future of my country.  I hope you will join me in making something positive happen.  I am only one voice but together our voices can make a difference.   Without our voices the silence will be deadly.