Beyond Normal to A Meaningful Life

Under all the inner talk, emotions, faulty beliefs and past programming is the person you came here to realize.  Yes this has been a soul’s journey planned before you were born with enough flexibility that you still had the freedom of choice as you life unfolded.  The preconception life chart was set to assist you in learning certain life lessons and the specifics would be worked out through the circumstances you were born into.  

You might ask what lessons and why did you need to learn them.  I don’t know what lessons you are here to explore those are very personal.  I don’t even know why you need to learn them.  This is all only human speculation at the workings of a must greater source of wisdom, power and creativity than you and I have readily available to us in our human form.    I am saying in human form here because, beyond our humanness is our innate connection to the Source of the Universe.  That higher nature is fully empowered if realized.

I need to get back to this lessons thing.  Some say the lessons are to help purify us so that we might return to the light of Source once the impurities are cleaned up through insight and awareness.  If that is the case, I wonder why you and I are created with these personal impurities and why we need to do this metaphysical dance to make our way back home.  

All of this adds up to this conclusion on my part about life.  Even the wisest of gurus, ministers and others who dare tell us our purpose have not idea why we are here.  So it comes down to this: our life has the meaning we give it.  Whether we come back or not doesn’t really matter.  What does matter is the purpose and meaning we give ourselves and the bumpy road we call life.  

My suggestion is that you choose a meaning that makes you feel alive and passionate, that opens your heart and brings out the best in you.  That is the kind of life you would be proud to call your own.  Let me know how it goes.  

Just a warning, I feel a good political rant coming on so if you don’t like politics, skip my Friday blog and I will be back on the weekend.