Normal: The Way of Supportive Self-Talk

I want to continue to explore with you ways of finding order in the midst of a chaotic world.  I have argued this type of order does not come from being normal because normal is no longer the way we can look at our lives.  Today I want share with you the idea that humans are products of their own self-talk.  If you program your self-talk for encouragement and support, you shape your life in very positive ways.

First, where does self-talk come from?  Self-talk is a product of your upbringing.  The messages you received as children get recorded in your little mind as if on some kind of never ending feedback loop.  If you really paid attention now to those recordings, you might even hear the voice of the original message deliverer.  If you Dad said you were not ok in some way, that message could have been recorded inside and it continues to play even now.  They play over and over again the same limiting messages unless we reprogram what we learned.  So if you got a message you were a bad person and you didn’t deserve love for something you did as a child then that message now shapes your sense of self.  That message may have been played repeatedly in your mind since you first heard it.  Now 20, 30, 40 years later that messages has been played over let’s say a minimum of 75,000 to 300,000 times.  So that repeated message could have only one result: you would feel like a bad person that did not deserve love for your entire adult life.  That old false message has run your life.  

This example of old messages has happened to every one of us in some way, shape or form.  The messages of our self-talk, whether positive or negative, have been played over and over again.  The unfortunate part of this is that most of us where raise in less then ideal conditions.  This is not to blame anyone in our past but instead to look at how we have carried forward our old messages because we have not paid attention to our self-talk.  All self-talk is best explored and questioned.

Second, what the heck do we do about this mess our thoughts have created?  The best action is to begin today to pay attention to how you talk to yourself.  If your self-talk is critical and judgmental that is something you learned.  Again no blame is intended.  The goal is to now be aware of how you speak to yourself and to put new data into your computer (mind) that is supportive and positive.  There is never any benefit to talking harshly to yourself.  That negativity is learned and not who you are.  Instead your self-talk is to be guided by your heart.  As I have said in past writings the best way to be, is loving and fully accepting of who you are.  All inner dialogue is best when it encourages and inspires the extraordinary in you.

Ok, do you now understand the importance of taking charge of how you talk to yourself?  Excellent, so now take action and program yourself for to be the person you have always wanted to be.  You are in charge and you can make it happen.