The Having Fun Solution To Being Normal

The best way to define normal may be all those folks who don’t look very happy.  Look inward and around you, are you and others enjoying life?  It seems many have given up having fun for making money, owning more stuff, being passively entertained, or just plain checking out.  If you want to make your life work better in the midst of so much that seems out of control; set your sights on having fun.

Better ways to enjoy life:

1.    Don’t take yourself too seriously
2.    Ease up on trying so hard
3.    Let go and move on to something better
4.    Make it your goal to have fun
5.    If your work sucks, go find something else
6.    Make it a priority to enjoy your partner and your children
7.    Nothing matters more than keeping you heart open and loving
8.    Try listening to those you care about so they can show you how to live
9.    Make your life about spreading real joy
10.    Decide to live fully each day in ways that feel great
11.    Don’t continue to do what you know in your heart is not right
12.    Relax more and take the time to slow down and smell the roses
13.    If you don’t make your life fun today, when will you
14.    Make a commitment to be positive and to enjoy the little things
15.    Be grateful for the good things that come your way
16.    Find time to make others laugh
17.    Give up on the idea of doing everything right
18.    Take a deep breath and smile from your belly
19.    Life is too short to waste it doing something you hate doing
20.    Stop believing the nonsense you were taught about it being better to suffer
21.    Ignore the fun killing ways of your mind’s silly rules
22.    If you can’t have fun, don’t waste your time
23.    Have an open mind to the good times that come your way
24.    If your heart is receptive, joy can come your way
25.    Say goodbye to guilt and hello to bliss.

More ways tomorrow on finding a calm oasis in midst of a bumpy road called Life.  As the great Mad philosopher Alfred E Newman said, “Why be normal?”