Our Democracy Is Ill; Citizens Needed

What is on your mind lately?  What has your thoughts occupied?  The reason I ask is because I suspect there are many people out there concerned about many things.  What concerns you about the way the world is going?  

I have some real concerns and here are 15 that have been on my mind lately.

1.    How does one afford to by a house when the wages do not match the inflated prices of housing?
2.    How can we ever get ahead as a country if we are waging wars costing us billions of dollars?
3.    How does a family get ahead financially when all costs keep going up and we want more and more stuff?
4.    How can we as a nation get ahead if we keep giving tax cuts especially to the wealthiest and have an ever-growing deficit?
5.    How come no one in Washington DC seems to care about the rising costs of health care, food, housing, prescription drugs, fuel, and so much more?
6.    Who really looks out for the people?  Is it the White House Congress, corporations or the participating citizens of this nation?
7.    How come corporations can rationalize all the wrong things they do to employees, environment, shareholders etc and they are rarely if ever held accountable?
8.    How come the Administration which clearly lied us into war has never been held accountable?
9.    How come we allow the torture, domestic spying, illegal imprisonment of people, the bailout of finance companies but not homebuyers, this endless murder called war and so much more?
10.    How come we continue to abuse the Earth and refuse to take responsibility for it and in the US do almost nothing to repair the problems?
11.    How come we allow religions to tell us what to think and believe when those that lead them are often less spiritual than we are?
12.    How come insurance companies and oil companies are having record profits on the back of the American consumers?
13.    How come money influence is allowed to continue its control over the workings of government?
14.    How come people just don’t seem to care enough to pay attention to what is going on in their capitals and in D.C.?
15.    How come people believe that nightly news represents reality when it is more about opinion and corporate agendas?

What concerns do you have about America and the world in general?  What needs to be fixed?  When can we get together to find solutions to all that is wrong?

Questions about today and our future are essential to democracy.  Our democracy is ill and we need to get involved for our good and for the good of future generations.