Enrich Your Sense Of Self

I hope you got a chance you to read my blog about self-esteem yesterday.  If not move on down the page and check it out.  These ideas represent the wisdom acquired working with many people as they traveled on the path of life in search of being ok with themselves.  You know the journey because, like most everyone else, you are on it too.  The way of finding your self-worth in a hurry worry world can be a real challenge.  

Here are more ideas to enrich your sense of self:

•    Forgive yourself and others for whatever happened in the past.  Move on and you will feel much better about yourself.
•    Make a commitment to look in the mirror everyday and say something you appreciate about yourself.
•    Find your connection; explore the unity of all beings.  You are never alone and there is much to enjoy about your oneness with all on this planet and beyond.
•    Feel acceptance in yourself and with all people, not matter their beliefs, points of view, background etc.  Appreciate diversity.
•    Express your creativity; this is a wonderful way to find out who you are and what amazing things want to be expressed through you.
•    Live each day as fully as you can. Don’t leave anything unexplored that calls to you.
•    See yourself in the protective flow of the universe and enjoy life with the real freedom of full self-expression.
•    Explore your relationship with Source, your soul, and the spirit in you.  This holy connection can inspire you in so many ways.
•    Practice giving as a way to keep your heart open.  Giving makes you appreciate you.
•    Have empathy for yourself and those things in life that cause you to struggle.  These moments all pass on and you will survive and even thrive.
•    Do things you can be proud of, leave you mark in extraordinary ways.  
•    There is a place in you that can guide you to a life of well being.  Learn to listen and follow the way you are shown.
•    The most powerful affirmation is I AM.  This simple phrase when repeated will assist you to be self-accepting, and remind you of your Divine nature.
•    Have being loving and joyous your top priorities and your life will seem full of great riches.

Look no further than into your own eyes.  There is genius, heart, spirit, and boundless aliveness waiting to be expressed.