Wanderings In The Flow

What is most important to you?  Is it your sports team(s), relationships, career, soul, money and security, health, peace of mind, having fun, a meaningful life, loving, or what?  The reason I ask is because when you know what matters it is easier to focus your life.    Last night I was up late reading an interview of Deepak Chopra in the What Is Enlightenment magazine (latest issue).  His success story is based on following his passion, exploring his purpose and letting his heart and spirit guide him.  

The interview explores how his practice of meditation and his relationship with his spiritual teacher helped him gain incredible insights and eventually set him free to be the person he wanted to be.  He sleeps only several hours a night and meditates about 2-3 hours mostly during the night in between his sleep breaks.  He reports to have lots of energy and creativity because of this meditation and his ability to witness himself even when sleeping. He has developed a high level of impartiality and this frees him to live fully in the moment.  

I felt inspired after reading this interview and have re-dedicated myself to deepen my meditation practice.  I have gotten so busy doing that I have left very little time to be in the expansive realms of consciousness possible through meditation.   My intention is to explore some practices further and to let you know what goes.  As I have mentioned lately, I feel like I want to more freely enter the flow of the universe and stop trying to make things happen.  This new Joe In The Flow is the right way to go.  Oops!  I don’t mean to be a poet here but rather to bring my attention more fully to the inner realm.  

Stay tuned and I will let you know how it goes.