“We Are On A Mission From God”, Jake Ellwood

I hope you have some fun things plan for the weekend.  My wife and I are going to an Earth Day Event tomorrow in Lyons, CO and my wife is at a peace event today.  During the week she is a graphic designer and my work is with people in addiction recovery in my county.  On the weekend and in our spare time we are social activists promoting inner peace and world peace through raising consciousness, spreading compassion and realizing our connection to each other on the planet.  We do what we do because we are on a mission to make a positive difference in the world.

What is your mission, your purpose, your unique expression?  What are you here to do in this life?  I ask you that because it is time for all of us to step forward with greater intention and with more attention on what we are doing.  

Intention is what we want to accomplish, it is our commitment to making something happen and the results we want to create.  Attention is the focusing of our mind and heart.   The goal here is to get clear about what you want to make happen (intention) and then put as much focus (attention) as you can on making it happen.   I brought this up because if you have a particular mission in life that you feel pulling you then I suggest you make an intention for that mission and then focus on making in happen.  

If you feel lost about intentions, purpose, mission or attention drop me an email explorelifeblog@inbox.com and I will assist you to get focused.  

Here are missions worth taking on:

World Peace
Feeding the hungry
Keeping water safe and clean and in the public domain
Equal Justice for all
Ending prejudice and racism
Election reform
Eliminating the money influence in politics
Exploring creativity for the good of humanity
Protecting the Earth and global warming
Helping those less fortunate
Eliminating abuse of children
Spreading joy and laughter
Spreading kindness and compassion
Cleaning up the rivers and streams
Protecting the seed supply
Preserving a high quality of life in your community, state and nation
Expanding charity and giving
Spreading the wealth
Debt and banking reform
Insurance reform
Ending torture and illegal detention
Corporate accountability
Accountability of our elected officials
Supportive services to the elderly
Ending the death penalty
Crime victims rights
Freedom of speech
Rebuild the education system
Separation of church and state
Gay rights
Affirmative action
Gun Control
Universal health care
Immigration rights
Prison reform
Representing the needs of the people
Inspirational and innovative leadership
Help the homeless
Eliminate poverty
Advocate for stem cell research
End sexism
And much more

Surely there is something on this list or in your heart that will get you juices flowing and fill you with passion.  There are many organizations out there that can use your help or start your own NGO.  

You and you innate ability and potential are needed more then ever.  It is time to step up and be heard.