In The Flow, Feeling The Glow

I hope you found the list on my blog helpful yesterday as far as areas in need of your passion and purpose.  This is a busy day as we head off to an Earth Day Event and promote peace.  The day should be breezy and warm.   I began the day with my morning meditation as I have renewed my focus on my inner work of being more in the abundant, energizing, freeing, healing, loving and joyous flow of the universe.  I invite you to make that your intention for this Sunday.

Repeat the following and see what you open yourself to today:  On this day I Am in the rich and abundant flow of the universe, my life is filled with love and joy, health and wealth.  I Am full of energy and inspiration.  I Am in the flow and feeling the glow.  

Have a wonderful day of aliveness.












The River Of Light