You Can Be Inspired Greatness

All that really matters is in you and I.  We don’t need to find what we want outside of ourselves.   In our hearts and our higher nature is the wisdom and possibilities of the universe.  

I woke up early with my mind focused on something that is causing unrest in me.  The only reason it is doing so it that my thinking has taken something and given in more meaning than is there in the circumstances.   My thoughts can lift me up and sometimes terrorize me.  I want to eliminate thoughts that limit me or cause me pain.  There are no reasons to have those thoughts.  However an untended mind can be up to all kinds of unhealthy activity.  Have you noticed that in your mind too?

You and I because of our conditioning, our thoughts about the past, and our faulty interpretations of life have too often missed out on our expansive and vibrant natural state.  We have lost contact with the higher source from which we have come.  I want to remind you and myself that:

We are full consciousness waiting to be realized
We are made of the same particles of the stars
We come from the source of all creation
We have all we need to know within us
We have intuition and heart to guide us
We are as free as we allow ourselves to be
We have unlimited love within our being
We can heal ourselves in body, mind and heart
We have within us the genes of inspired greatness
We are full of joy waiting to be experienced
We have potential in us anxious to be explored
We have our creativity in search of expression
We have our own unique purpose ready to impact the world
We are filled with passion that is looking for a way to come out
We have a quiet stillness waiting to show us the way
We come equipped with emotions to keep us on course
We have the ability to change course whenever we need to
We can begin each moment anew and not be held back by the past
We have the capacity to know all that we need to know in the now
We are here to have fun and enjoy life if we allow ourselves to
We can live an abundant and rich life if we are open to receive
We can wake up today and be self-realized

What holds you back? 
I suspect you are just a thought or two away from the life you want.  Try changing your viewpoint and step into the potential waiting to be expressed.