The Common Sense Guy on Earth Day

Today is an important day for the Common Sense Guy and for the Earth.   Those two would seem to be related so let’s take a few minutes to explore their relationship.

First the Common Sense Guy, his name is Bud Bilanich and he is releasing his newest book titled, “Straight Talk For Success.”  Bud is business expert who has spent the last 20 years teaching and coaching people and organization on the art of how to be successful.  His methods are based on common sense.  Who would of thought that common sense would be such a key to creating the results Bud has helped people realize.   His book is a real gem of ideas that you may just say “of course” and “thank you for reminding me.”  

If you want to be guided to creating more success I highly recommend this book.  As you know I often write about success at this blog and Bud is an inspiration to my wife and I.  This is Bud’s book launch day and if you purchase Straight Talk For Success today, April 22, 2008, you will receive $1,000 in bonus products that will help you on your way to career and life success.

All you have to do is go to and follow the link to purchase your copy of Straight Talk for Success at  Then enter your transaction number in the space provided and you will be directed to a page where you can claim your bonuses.  You will be very glad you did when you receive the book and all the special offer materials.  This book and the specials are an out of this world offer.

Now back to the Earth.  As many of you know today is Earth day.  You might wonder why isn’t every day Earth Day since it’s health directly affects our health.  Today is a day to remember to take care of our Earth Mother.  These days being Green is getting a lot of exposure.  Green means taking care of us and our precious and beautiful planet.  You and I must attend to the needs of the Earth or the clean air, water and other essentials won’t be there when we need them.

There are lots of resources and organizations out there working to take care of the planet and its people.  One of my wife and I’s favorite is the Pachamama Alliance.  Check out the work they are up to, with all of us in mind.  Also I came upon an excellent Earth Day site worth going to and finding out more.

So what do Bud the Common Sense Guy, and Earth Day have in common?  What matter most to Bud and the people he makes a difference for, and to the Earth is that we all learn to use the common sense we were given to be successful and to take care of the planet that means so much to us all.    

Bud good luck and great success on this auspicious day.  

To all of us sharing this vibrant globe together, honor what we have and take care to make sure the welfare of the planet is on your mind now and for the future.