Questioning Beliefs In Search Of Your Truth

I have been working with beliefs lately in my work with my clients in recovery and in my own life.  I can’t help but think that this belief work is very important.  We learn many ideas as we grow up and too many of them become etched in stone in our minds.  I thought I would share with you some beliefs that most of us bump up against when we meet the hardheaded ways of limiting and faulty beliefs.  

Somewhere along the way of family, church, school and society we may acquire beliefs without thoroughly examining if they are true.  These beliefs once acquired become loaded with emotions because we believe they are true even though our inner knowing may question them.  This questioning causes a dissonance, which needs to be examined.  Seeking our truth is one of the main tasks of growing as a human being.  Inner peace comes from living our own truth.

The following faulty beliefs may have come into you life and it may be time for you to place these beliefs on the table and closely examine them.

•    That you are in some way not enough
•    That you don’t deserve the life you want
•    That desires are not ok
•    That you were born with something called original sin
•    That for some reason you think of yourself as less than others
•    That having money is not ok
•    That ministers know what the truth is better than you
•    That politics should be avoided
•    That religion is something more than men seeking control
•    That the bible is something more than the words of men
•    That you are not ok because you question authority
•    That your emotions in some way are not ok
•    That you are powerless to make a difference in the world
•    That it doesn’t matter what you think
•    That to blame others makes you feel better
•    That your thoughts are real
•    That you deserved any mistreatment you got growing up
•    That others know what is best for you
•    That the approval of others is important
•    That what others think of you matters

I hope some of these provoked questions in your mind.  Like you I too am growing in my pursuit of living my truth and being an authentic human being.  I put out these beliefs for you to explore and find your own way.  If you take the time to listen inward, to hear the wisdom of you heart and your higher knowing, you will find your own truth.  Living according to your own truth will make life flow like a river free and full of joy.