Defrosting Your Life

I have been writing a lot lately about the importance of us all asking many more questions as citizens of a democracy.  Today I want to return to my emphasis on the inner workings of people as a way to find more love, joy, and success in our lives.  

Yesterday was a day of celebration at my new job as the first graduates of our 3-week recovery program complete phase one of the taking back control of their lives.  It was a good day and the energy was very upbeat.  I bring this up because I feel positive about the success of these three people who had lost their way.  Recovery is a life long journey and they are just starting.  Their work reminded me that drugs and alcohol is not the only thing people have to recover from.  

Many of you were raised with less than positive sense of yourself; had the experience of dominating beliefs systems like religion; grew up with parents who were emotionally damaged from their upbringing; or other experiences that caused you to think of yourself and the world in limiting ways.  

The question that keeps coming to my mind is how do you and I defrost from the numbing of emotions, the protecting of the heart, and the constriction of thinking we may have learned.  I think you will find the following ideas helpful to recover your own life from any of the past still holding you back.

1.    Be loving to yourself, get to know your heart’s desires
2.    Listen to and feel what emotions are flowing through you
3.    Pay attention to your desires, they are calling you to be more
4.    Express the creativity and potential that you feel inside
5.    Listen to the child within and playful about life
6.    Let your intuition guide you throughout your day
7.    Start talking to you soul, find out what it wants for you
8.    Discover and explore the special talents your were given
9.    Live your purpose with as much passion as you can
10.    Love as fully as possible every day
11.    Follow what makes you feel alive and blissful
12.    Stop “doing” all the time and just “be”
13.    Make having fun your daily goal
14.    Discontinue holding yourself back for the approval of others
15.    Let go of the past and live fully in the now
16.    Try being less serious and have more fun
17.    Practice only doing what feels right to you
18.    Pay attention to your self-talk and make it be kind
19.    Find your own truth
20.    Set yourself free of anything that is holding you back

Explore and enjoy the recovery of your own life.  You are meant to be more than you are allowing at this time.