Sunday Contemplations

Today is Sunday and I like to spend some of it in contemplation.  Here are a couple of thoughts I want to explore, I invite you to take a look at these ideas to and see how you can use them to be a more powerful creator in your own life.

•    My natural state is one of unity with all things
•    My heart has no limits to its giving
•    My creativity has not limits to its expression
•    My life and relationships are a reflection of me
•    My desires call me to be more
•    My ability to be present will expand my consciousness
•    My openness will allow great results into my life
•    My alignment with flow will create abundance
•    My awareness will open me to a much greater knowing
•    My purpose is calling me to my unique greatness
•    My attention causes my world to expand
•    My silence guides me to my highest realization
•    My greatest contribution is being a creator

Have a good day and enjoy the potential in you seeking expression.











The Ever Expanding Universe