13 Points For Living

My points of contemplation in yesterday’s blog are worth a deeper look.  I want to share with you my thoughts about why each point deserves a careful examination because of their potential to significantly enhance your life.

Point 1. We are all connected to each other.  We all share this tiny dot of a planet together in this huge universe.  This organism called Earth is our home and what we do affects each other, what we think impacts each other’s thoughts, and how we feel sends vibrations around the globe.  Our collective consciousness represents the highest human knowing.  Take time to sit quietly and let the unity become something you feel and experience.

Point 2. We all come equipped with the capacity to love that is unlimited.  As we grow into our lives there are many experiences and ideas that may close us down in the heart.  None of those contractions of the heart truly limit our capacity to love.  The love we have inside is greater than all the pain we may have suffered or the protection we may have put up to guard our heart.   Take time each day to open your heart, to feel the vibrant love within and share as much as you can.

Point 3
. We all have within us the ability to be creative.  Some believe they do not.  That is a false and limiting belief.  Each of us is innately creative and that creativity is waiting to be expressed.  There has never been found a limit to human creativity.  Look around and see all that has been created by humans and realize it begun as a creative urge.  Listen to you own creative urges and express them as often as you can.

Point 4. Our lives are a reflection of who we are.  If we have relationships that are filled with kindness and love than we are most likely kind and loving.  If things tend to work out well for us than we tend to have a positive frame of mind.  If we tend to be grumpy and disappointed in others and ourselves than we are probably critical and blaming.  If you want feedback about how to improve your life, look at what you have created and make changes where needed.  Take time to always look at being more accepting, loving and kind to yourself and to those around you.

Point 5. Our desires have a positive purpose.  There are some religious traditions that warn against desires.  They are missing the point.  We have desire to call us to be more, to express more, to explore more, to realize more of who we are.  All desire is calling us to further explore the possibilities in us.  The desire to seek pleasure is to help us find our joy and love.  Sure some desires go off track; that is because we have lost touch with the deeper desires.  Pay attention to what desires are calling you today and explore how you are being called out to be more.

Point 6. In this moment we can fully awaken.  We are already all we want to be if we allow ourselves to be the consciousness we have inside.  The point of waking up and expressing who we are at our highest level is to live our purpose in complete expression.  Our urge to be is about being a conscious human being and there is a real need for that consciousness on the planet today.  Take time to tune inward and find the light of consciousness that wants to be expressed through you.

Point 7. Inside of you and I is a desire to open and allow the greatest of human possibilities to be expressed.  Being open means our hearts and minds are receptive.  Allowing means clearing away any beliefs or limiting ideas that may be holding us back.  There are often too many of these limits inside.  Take time each day to free yourself from ideas that are holding you back from the abundance you desire.

Point 8. The flow of the universe is worth the time to explore.  Instead of trying to make things happen an easier more effective way is to tune into the flow of life and the natural world.  Too much time is spent with putting lots of effort into things when opening to the flow of the greater forces can make thing happen in amazing ways.  Take time to open to the flow, to find your way to an abundant life.

Point 9.  We are given awareness to help us realize who we are and the possibilities in us.  There is within our cells and consciousness the collection of wisdom of all of humankind and the universe.  Awareness allows us to tapped into this higher knowing.  Awareness helps us to make better choices and to change for the better.  Each day take some time to be aware, to tune in, to sense the great source within you and allow who you are to expand.

Point 10.  Each of us has a purpose that only we can fulfill.  There never was nor will their ever be someone who can be the purpose we have inside.  Each of us needs to express that purpose for the greater good.  If we do not then the world looses out.  If we do the world is better for it.  Listen to what your purpose is and then with all the passion you have inside, let it be expressed through you.

Point 11. What we put out attention on causes it to expand.  What we think about becomes more and more powerful within.  If we keep focusing on success and well-being then we will cause those ideas to grow and expand.  The more attention, the more results we create.  Get clear what you want in your life and then put your attention on making it happen.

Point 12. Silence is truly golden.  The more we tune into the quiet stillness inside the better we are guided to our fullest expression.  In the quiet of each moment is infinite wisdom. Spending time without the TV or radio on, in our own quiet company will pay many positive dividends.  Set time aside each day to sit in quiet meditation or contemplation and your life will become more and more a reflection of peace, love, joy and consciousness.

Point 13.  Yes we are called to be creators, to create in this life what only we can create.  The people that have made the greatest human contributions have all been creators.  Creators come up with new ideas, new points of view, new awareness, new inventions, new consciousness, new images, and more that invite all of us to also create.   Yes creativity and living with purpose is about you and I as creators.  Find what is calling within you to be expressed and go out into the world and be the creator that makes the world a better place.  

Let me know which ones of these call to you the most.  Hear that calling and let it be expressed through you, your heart, your mind, your body, and your soul.