Do Routines Limit Flow?

Sometimes I feel too boxed in by routines.  Lately I have felt that with working fulltime, writing my blog, and working out everyday.  My work seems to take a lot of energy some days because of the needs of the people I work with as they struggle with their addictions.  Writing my blog is almost always something that gives me energy as I feel the writing flows through me.  My workouts give me energy also but the routines need to be changed around some to get better results.  In general changing routines is a very positive thing to do.  

I have been working on two things for myself around changing routines lately.  One is to take more time in meditation.  I seem to fill my day and leave little for contemplation lately.  I must recommit to that or it will be haphazard as it is now.  I feel too boxed in when all of my day is filled with things I think I should be doing.  Do you ever feel that way?

The other thing I am working on is being more in the flowFlow to me is creative, intuitive, moment to moment going with forces that are greater than the drives of ego and personality.  Sometimes I like writing so much because it gives me the space to spell out what is going on in my head.  Frankly there is more to flow for me to learn.  I feel sometimes totally in the flow and other times boxing my way out of the stranglehold of my habits and ego.  What do you understand about flow?

I think of politics as an example of anti-flow where approval seeking is the sole goal and who you are gets lost in figuring out what others want to see in you.  Yikes talking about a prison of ones own ego and ambition.  Please take a moment to be grateful for the people willing to do this profession of being the government we need to make this country work.   This job as an elected official is a very hard one but needed.  

I will explore shaking up the routines a little and it may affect the time of day I do my blog postings.  Thank you readers for taking the time to check me out.  I am always working on being a higher and clearer source of inspiration.  Other times I write to share my progressive viewpoints about that state of affairs of our country and the world because I have to speak up.  Stay tuned and see where I go next.  Your comments are always welcomed.