Muffin Boy Discovered

Yesterday I got ambitious and made some muffins with fresh blackberries in them.  I love cooking and making things that taste good and are healthy.  My wife and I each ate a large muffin when they came out of the oven.  They were delicious.  I put three of them on the cooling rack and placed one in my bag for lunch.  I expected to have one that night when I got home.  

Somewhere after my exit for work and my wife bringing Pax back from the dog park the muffins disappeared.  She was down in her office working away and at some point in the afternoon she went upstairs and the rack was empty and there wasn’t a crumb of the muffins to be seen.  At first she thought they had been put away.  Then it dawned on her that our getting bigger puppy must be a muffin boy because he ate the three on the rack and there wasn’t any sign of his counter surfing adventure.  Unfortunately for his stomach, she feed him his dinner before she realized the muffins must be already in there.

Pax on the other hand never said much.  I guess he just figured he made a nice score from the counter and no one noticed.  The muffin boy gives us such great joy that even stealing our delicious treats made us laugh.  Soon however, I need to get back to baking because my love and I didn’t satisfy our muffin urge.   

If Pax could talk however he would be a like a minister who tells his church one Sunday he is ill and sneaks off to play golf and then gets a hole-in-one; who can he share his excitement with.  

Hope you have a good day and enjoy what is in your life to enjoy