Healing the Past Takes Time

Welcome to the Month of May.  I hope this is the time of year when love blossom, new opportunities pop up and you feel as if you have burst out of an old pattern.  This is the time of year to come into yourself more and for enjoying life.

Last night I sat in a group listening to the struggles of someone who has been trying to win out over her addiction for 20 years.  I felt her pain and her exhaustion from the struggle.   I thought it is time for her to have a new perspective, to blossom from all the inner work and healing she has worked on in the past.  We often have our own struggles that we have been working at for years to understand, change, heal or be at peace with.  

The following are areas many of us have felt the desire to heal or express more fully:

•    Positive Self Esteem
•    Feeling like we are ok
•    Feeling like we deserve
•    Trying to feel ok with our emotions
•    Accepting who we are
•    Being comfortable in our own bodies
•    Finding peace of mind
•    Trying to be more conscious and aware
•    Having self-talk that is supportive
•    Seeking to have more meaning in life
•    Trying to find self-confidence
•    Wanting to be more patient
•    Keeping your heart open
•    Being compassionate for yourself and others
•    Being a good listener
•    Feeling positive about your career
•    Being receptive to success and prosperity
•    Letting go and forgiving the past
•    Loving yourself just as you are
•    Trusting in your self and others
•    Express the potential you can feel inside
•    Allow yourself to be more creative
•    Making a positive difference in the world

What others come to your mind?  What do you lack now to make you feel more whole, more self-realized?  Who do you want to become?  What is holding you back?

Our lives are full of possibilities and potential.  We are in reality the only one who gets in our way.  What is your next step to be who you want to be?  I write often at this blog about these issues.  Let me know if you have any question at explorelifeblog@inbox.com.