Untapped Potential In Waiting

It is Friday and the workweek for most is heading towards a few days off.  I enjoy my job but I especially enjoy the days I have freedom to create what I want.  This weekend there is another college graduation so my wife and I will go to her niece’s party.  There is also a Big 12 Conference Track Championship Friday through Sunday here in Boulder.  Track meets are fun because there is so much action going on and such amazing athletic performances.  In my younger days I raced in the mile, 5k and 10k races.  I loved being fit enough to run fast.  

The really neat thing about an event like this is I get to watch human beings perform their best in competition with others also trying to be at their best.  Competition in athletics especially in individual events is a great way to explore potential.  Each of us has vast resources of potential that we rarely fully explore.   

What potential in you is waiting to be explored and expressed? You can have unexpressed physical potential, mental and intelligence potential, emotional potential, and the potential of your soul waiting to be explored.  The following are some ways to tap into the reserves of possibilities waiting in you to be realized:

•    Every day listen to your intuition and be guided by your inner knowing
•    Follow the call of your heart because it guides you towards ways to express love, kindness and compassion
•    Pay attention to the messages from the body that want to tell you which direction to take in life
•    Let your emotions guide you, when it feels right it is right
•    Be guided by the callings of your purpose and your soul
•    Let your thoughts be tuned into your higher knowing
•    Find the inner stillness that waits to show you the way
•    Listen to your desires because they are calling you to be more
•    Be open to the guidance of others and the universe
•    Follow what makes you feel alive and inspired
•    See what you are good at, what comes easily to you
•    Go down the path of least resistance toward what comes naturally
•    Follow your urge to be creative as a way to express who you are
•    Remember what you came here to be and do
•    If your heart is open and you feel joy than you are on the right track

In each of us is unlimited potential waiting to be realized.  What calls in you to be expressed?