No Golf For The Troops

If there has been a more disastrous presidency then George W. Bush’s, I don’t know which it would be.  Recently Bush stated that he gave up golf for the troops.  Over 4000 troops gave up their lives and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis lost theirs over a war that should never have happened.  All of this terrible war happened because of the politically driven mad men in the White House.  This war was about ego, power and greed not about Democracy for Iraq. 

Keith Olbermann is one of the few journalist who has shown the guts to question those in power and especially this sad little man who put his clubs away is some kind of meaningless gesture.  I suspect he quit play golf because he was terrible at that too.  Checkout Olbermann’s blast of Bush at the

What this country needs now is a leader who is the opposite of Bush.  We need a leader who is intelligent, has ethics and higher values, cares about human life, cares about the people, wants to make this country better, is compassionate to the suffering of others, and can actually lift up the nation.  As far as I can tell that leader would be Barack Obama. 

The job Obama will inherit will be in incredible disarray with a nation feeling upset and off course.  It will take all of us to lift this nation up.  I don’t doubt we have the capacity to do so.  Together we can end the war; bring healing to all those who suffer needlessly; bring the needs of the people to the top of the agenda; clean up the influence of those who use money to have power; and put a heart back in government.  Yes we are all up to this task and together we need to find the inner resources necessary to help guide our nation back to greatness.

Feel the urge to realize your own greatness, to help encourage that in other, to be more of who you know you are inside.  That is the call, you and I who were born to live at this time, must open to hear.  That is the call of potential, of possibilities, of heart and of your soul.  Are you feeling yourself getting ready for this mission?  The time is near and the task is large and you and I have what it takes to be what is needed.  Let peace, compassion, wisdom and heart join together for the good of all.