A Tree Hit Me On The Head In My House

All these terrible natural disasters going on got me thinking about how each moment of life is very precious.  The time you and I have on the planet could be for many more years or it could end rather abruptly.  Are you living your life as fully as you can?  What is holding you back from making each moment something to be grateful for and to enjoy?  I want to share with you an experience that could have ended my life about 4 years ago.  

I was living up in the mountains in Santa Barbara and there had been an unusual amount of rain.  Recently mudslides had blocked the road to our homes.  One night I was in my little place and I heard a loud noise while I was talking on the phone to my now wife Bobbi.  The next thing I knew I was hit on the head by a branch of a tree that had crushed through my roof.   Bobbi yelled are you ok and I said I got to go because a tree has smashed through my place.  I was a little stunned but I called my friends who lived nearby and they came quickly.  As we examined what had happened, we saw this section of the tree had broken off and about a 3 foot think trunk was lying across the top of my place.  Fortunately the trunk had big branches otherwise I would have been crushed flat.  I knew after the adrenalin had cleared that for some reason it wasn’t my time to go.  I am to this day very grateful when I remember back to that moment.  I lived because I had more to do as far as I can figure.  

Yes life can go very quickly and sometimes I wonder if those who die young leave the planet because they are done doing whatever they were here to do.  I however am not done because I am still alive and now writing my 447th blog entry (Checkout the blogs posting below).  I am assisting people in early recovery at my job at Boulder County Public Health.   I am working for peace through our peace company www.peace-together.com.  I have a wonderful loving relationship, good friends and family and our dog Pax.  Yet tomorrow is unknown and living fully today is the best I can do.  

Have a good day today and enjoy each moment as fully as you can.  There is much to be grateful for in each breath you get to take.