The Four Sources of The Stream of Joy

Over the weekend our dog Pax spent Saturday and Sunday at Dog City, a doggy daycare here is Boulder.  He gets a report card every time he stays there.  The report card says he played so much that he wore himself and everyone else out and slept peaceful his first night away from us.  Now you have to appreciate someone who puts his whole self into play and enjoys life as fully as he can.  

Our dog Pax and most dogs do not have the human problem of being too serious.  They enjoy life as it is given too them and they don’t spend much time complaining or trying to make their lives better.  Self-improvement and making your life better is a positive goal as long as you enjoy yourself along the way.  Too many of us have gotten so focused on where we want to be that we forget to have fun along the way.  Are you guilty of that?  

I am know I am at times I spent too much time in trying to make the future better.  The last couple of years have been too concentrated on making things happen rather than being in the flow and enjoying what life has to offer.  I guess, as I get older I think about what I need to do to take care of myself.  This future planning makes sense as long as I don’t busy my now with doing and forget to have fun along the way.  

Yesterday I wrote about the stream of joy that is innate in us even though we may have lost touch with its flow within.  I want to say a little bit more about that today.  The joy in us comes from our heart, our body and our higher nature.  Our thoughts also play a part in how much joy we allow.  Here are four sources for the stream of joy available to us:

In our hearts is love and its partner is joy.  The more our hearts are open to love the more joy will flow in our lives.  The more we live in accordance with the passion of the heart the more we are open to the flow of bliss.

In our bodies is also joy, the joy of being alive, the joy of movement, the joy of intimacy, the joy of health and aliveness.

In our thoughts joy comes by having an open and receptive mind, from learning and awareness, from optimism and receptivity to expanded thinking, from our intuition and the urge to be creative.

In our higher nature, our spirit or soul there is the unlimited joy of inspiration and consciousness, the joy of spiritual being fully in the light of all of life, the joy of oneness with the Source of the Universe.  

Today and each day get more acquainted with these four flows of joy and invite them to be fully alive in you.