Are You Having Fun Yet?

Slowing down sometimes is the hardest thing to do.  This world we live in is fast paced and full of activities.   This time of year seems busy with so much to participate in as the weather gets warmer and the summer fun comes our way.  Do you enjoy this time of year?  

Lately I have felt like I have been doing and doing and too busy sometimes to sit back and enjoy.  My goal the rest of spring and summer is to have more fun.  Life keeps on happening whether I am productive or playing.  I have been very productive over the last 6-8 months and that feels positive.  Now I want to take a little more time to enjoy life, have fun, play and swim in the stream of joy that flows through me.  Does that sound good to you?

Here are a few ideas to make life more fun:

•    Take time each day to relax and enjoy the moment
•    Spend time doing what you love
•    Focus more on being rather than doing
•    Make it your goal to enjoy the people you spend time with
•    Go for more walks in nice places
•    Play music and sing along
•    Go to places that are fun and enjoyable
•    Be with people that make you laugh
•    Take quiet time for yourself
•    Get off the fast track regularly and enjoy the slower pace
•    Have more picnics
•    Take more naps and give yourself a timeout when needed
•    Outdoor sports can be lots of fun
•    Go to festivals and other fun gatherings
•    Let go of the past and play in the present
•    Take on a creative project that gets you excited
•    Get you body fit in ways you enjoy
•    Spend more time stretching (yoga) and loosening up
•    Drink lots of water and flush out for good health
•    Let your spirit soar; hear the inner callings
•    Seek the more effortless way of doing your day
•    Rest, relax and heal you mind, body and heart
•    Let your intuition guide you towards more joy
•    Keep your heart open to love
•    Keep your mind open to new points of view
•    Set your intention each day to have fun and enjoy life

I hope you find these ideas helpful.  Intend to make this the best and most fun summer you have ever had and it will be.  If you have ideas to add to this list let me know.