Sunday Evening Reflections

I just got back this evening from our weekend graduation trip.  I so much appreciate the energy of young people who have a passion for life.  

I read an article Friday that started off saying Conservatives are happier than Liberals.  I then read further into the article and it said Conservatives were better at rationalizing so they could make even lousy situation ok my manipulating their thinking.  I have a couple of thoughts about that:

First - why is the media so obsessed about labeling people's points of view as if they can throw everyone into a couple of political categories.  That is just plain ridiculous and a totally inaccurate way of talking about points of view.  

Second - Does happiness come from rationalizing/lying to yourself about the truth?  That is an incrediable fallacy that true happiness can happen by misrepresenting reality to youself.  Sure there are times when you want to change your thinking that is negatively focus to something more positive because it simply works better.  However to deny the reality of injustice, inequality, suffering, war, greed etc. to make it ok in one's thinking would be to make what is not ok invisible.

Third - Always question what you read and seek to find your own truth.  The titled was misleading and the article made rationalization as an acceptable way of dealing with reality you don't like.  I think the use of you mind in this way is to subvert its higher purpose which is to search for the truth.  

I hope you have a good week and instead of rationalizing, I suggest you keep you mind open to the truth and your heart open to compassionate understanding.