Lists For Inspiration

I am off to a College graduation today in Gunnison, CO a long drive from where I live.  This should be fun.  I have found myself writing more lists lately for a number of reasonsOne reason is that these lists seem to flow effortlessly through me via my many years of working with and exploring the ideas and issues I write about here at my blog.  Another reason is lists are simple clear resources that allow the reader to pick and choose what fits best.  

Here are some thoughts on how to make the best use of lists.  Take a list of ideas and read through each item paying careful attention to what you feel or how you react to what the idea.  If you feel at ease or discomfort both can be positive indicators.  Ease can mean there is something natural about exploring this particular topic.  Discomfort can mean there is an opportunity to explore something that creates and strong reaction in you.

Another way to utilize lists is to expand your thinking.  Too often our thinking can be limited by our lack of resources.  Lists help expand what you think is possible.  Take a look a the blog entries below and see what gets provoked in you.

The goal of my blog and these lists is
to: activate your thinking and questioning mind; expand your higher consciousness; and develop my awareness and compassion for yourself and your fellow inhabitants on the planet.  My hope is also to encourage you to live your life with purpose and passion and for you to make a positive difference in the world.  It is my belief that informed, thinking, truth seeking and aware citizens keep democracy alive and high functioning.

Let’s all join together in our efforts to live our purpose, to expand our hearts and to leave the planet a better place than we found it.  Yes every one of us does make a difference.  The question is, are you making as big a difference as you are capable of given all the potential that resides in you?

Also:  if you like the lists I write, check out my e-books, which are full of ideas that will lift you up.  Keep checking in, there is a new e-book on the way that is full of the best lists and ideas that I have ever come across.  This book will provide lots of inspiration for years to come.