Start With Self-Acceptance

I have written about self-acceptance in the past and I felt it was time to talk about it again.  This topic is an important one because without self-acceptance, you are the biggest roadblock in your own life.  For close to 30 years I have been working with people on ways to be accepting of who they are.  The following are strategies I have found affective.

Self-acceptance is possible when you:
•    Take time to find out how you feel and are ok with a full range of emotions
•    Take time to pay attention to you self-talk and make sure it is supportive and encouraging
•    Feel ok with your body even with its imperfections
•    Listen to your intuitive knowing
•    Forgive and release the past
•    Live in the present moment where all the possibilities are
•    Keep your thinking positive and open
•    Keep an open heart for yourself and those in your life
•    Realize you are much more than your thoughts, feelings and body
•    Feel your connection to all of life on the planet
•    Explore and express the potential in you
•    Live your unique purpose with passion
•    Pay attention to your body wisdom
•    Tap into the unlimited joy that is within you
•    Develop compassion for yourself when you struggle
•    Have appreciation for your uniqueness
•    Become aware that there is no one like you and that is your gift to the world
•    Open to the higher consciousness that resides in you
•    Live as a spiritual being having a human experience
•    See beyond the control of the ego into your higher nature
•    Appreciate the breath of aliveness that flows through you
•    Are comfortable in your own skin
•    Seek your own truth
•    Find your way to inner peace
•    Follow your own path
•    Feel grateful for yourself and your life

These ideas are only words unless you integrate them into your life.  Choose 2 or 3 of these ways to self-acceptance and explore them until you feel like they are true for you.  An example might be listening to your intuitive knowing.  The more you learn to listen to your intuition, the more you see how it is available to guide you.  The more you trust intuition, the more you will have this inner knowing offered to you.

As you explore these pathways to self-acceptance a wonderful thing will happen.  You will find yourself one day beaming with joy sitting in your own company.  That will be a beautiful moment.