Questions, Observations, Gratitude and Compassion

Today I want to make comments about what is going on out there in the news.  Before I do that I ask you to always keep questioning what you hear.  Does it seem right?  Does it make sense?  Is that the truth?  What is behind that?  The questioning mind is a huge asset to you and the world.

The cyclone in Myanmar is a terrible tragedy and I keep thinking about all the people who lost friends and family and how much they are suffering.  It reminds me to be grateful for each day, for my health, and for all that I have and for all the goodness in the world.  There are many reaching out to help.

The Chinese brought the Olympic torch to the top of Mt Everest yesterday.  They government of that country needs to climb to new heights of compassion and give Tibet back to its people.  

Barack Obama will be the next president of the United States.  The Democrats are turning out in huge number.  Hopeful this will bring a shift towards what is best for the people and the greater good and away from those that can buy the most influence.  

Hillary has been tenacious in her campaign and it is time to refocus her energy on what she can do to make this nation great again.  Her determination is needed to bring about positive change.  

This endless talk of superdelegates and their influence reminds me that we need election reform because there are too many people with super influence.

Rush Limbaugh was in the news because he thinks he can get his listeners to vote the way he wants them to.  He must feel his listeners are mindless sheep.  I would be offended by the arrogance of his believed self-importance.  I can’t believe anyone would follow the guidance of the purple kool-aide leader of hate talk radio.

Reverend Sharpton was arrested yesterday for protesting against what he feels was injustice.  I admire such courage and feel like we need many more courageous citizens in this country.

Last night on my bike ride I came about two adult geese and their three fluffy young ones and I remembered it was Spring.  I love Spring and Summer because I enjoy nature as it blooms and the warmth of a nice walk in the evening.  

I hope you have a great day and keep your questions and thinking active and engaged in what is going on.  You heart filled with compassion is also needed.