The Three Paths To Where Who You Want To Be

As you can see, I was inspired in my writing of my blog yesterday.  My work with counseling others always helps to opening me up.  The energy of growth and healing affects everyone involved.  As I read back through my blog yesterday I got a clear idea that I needed to share, in as simple a way as possible, how to full realize our positive self.  There are three ways that I feel will bring out the best in you:  1. Take charge of your thoughts 2. Open your heart 3. Remember you are connected to the Source of all creation.

Take charge of your thoughts is about you and that brain of yours.  You are the programmer of your thoughts.  If you have thoughts and self-talk that is critical and non-supportive, then you need to change your thoughts to be encouraging and supportive.  Remember your thoughts are not real.  Your thoughts however do have a lot of influence over you so make sure they bring out the best in you.  What you focus on expands, so if you focus on what you want, you will make it happen.

Open your heart means that to get where you want to, you need to have an open heart.  A closed heart is a sad and lonely heart where very little light can get in.  An open heart is full of light and joy.  The best place to start opening your heart is by fully and completely accepting yourself and those you care for and love.  Compassion, kindness and love will make a very positive difference for you and your life.  Love truly has the capacity to resolve and heal all problems on the planet.

Remember you are connected to the Source of all creation. 
See yourself and all beings as part of a greater force.  You and all life are powered by the same force that created this universe and beyond.  In your cells and in your consciousness is all the wisdom and understanding of the entire universe.  Your Higher Self is one with the Great Creative Force of all.  The more you sit in silence and realize your higher nature, the more positive your light will shine in the world.  

These three ways of living in right thought, in open heart and in full realization of your highest nature will open you to the most extraordinary and amazing life.  Let it be.