Twelve Ways To Be Self-Actualized

I hope you found the idea of self-actualization as something worth setting your sights on.  For most of my adult life I have been exploring the idea that I can continue to be more fully self-realized.  Self-realization equals self-actualization.  Realizing your potential is self-actualization.  Being an authentic and genuine person is self-actualization.  The following 12 ways can take you toward being a self-actualized human being.  Enjoy this journey because it is what makes life worth living.  

1.    Listen to your own guidance and let go of seeking the approval of others.
2.    Express and experience life as fully as you can. Be alive. Be real.
3.    Be willing to take risks, live to progress, always be open to growing.  Don’t ever let fear stop you from what you know you are to do.
4.    Find out who you are and let you be expressed.  Let your own unique qualities come out without concern for the expectations or opinions of others.
5.    Shut out the external and instead be guided by the internal knowing of how you and your life are to be lived.
6.    Be open and honest with yourself and others.  This sets you free.
7.    Take full responsibility for your life.  This empowers you to be the creator.
8.    Live your purpose; go on a your mission with passion and without regard to what others may judge as ok or significant.
9.    Let your intelligence present itself through your thinking, your emotions, your body, your senses, your play, your aliveness or in whatever form it may take in you.
10.    Follow your strengths and interests.  Listen to your desires.  Pay attention to your intuition.  Be led by your heart.  
11.    Learn what brings peace and sets you free and enjoy the pleasure of each moment.
12.    Follow your bliss and let your eyes shine with joy.  

Have fun, be happy and love lots.