Oil Executive’s B.S. to Congress

The CEO’s of the major oil companies were testifying in front of Congress two days ago and there was very little coverage of what was said.  I was very curious as to why there hasn’t been more coverage and more questions of the oil executives.  I would think that if Congress was really interested in doing something about soaring gas prices they would have put those richly paid leaders more on the spot.  

Does it seem to you that Congress is not really looking out for the people in these hearings, which seem more show than substance?  Members of Congress pretend to come down on these oil executives but really don’t because the oil lobby has such a huge influence in Washington DC.

In this hearing made for TV, the oil executives said they had nothing to do with the huge raise in gas prices at the pump.  They said the problem was short supply and that was causing the price of oil to go up.  They also said the huge profits they are having has nothing to do with the price of gas.  I find this statement to be totally absurd don’t you?  How stupid do they think people are?  They said they had to keep the profits up to protect themselves incase in the future they might have smaller profits.  Congress made some strong statements of displeasure and proceeded to do nothing.

We my friends, are being taken to the cleaners and Congress is clearly on the side of the oil industry.  As a matter of fact Congress continues to give the oil companies huge tax breaks despite the record profits.  

I write about this, not to make you angry but to hopefully get you asking questions and to encourage you to get involved in taking back this country from those that only have mega profits at any cost as their goal.  We need to have people involved who care about people, who have heart and compassion, who can see the bigger pictures and what is for the common good.  You can make a difference.  You have untapped resources within you that make you more powerful than you can imagine when you have a purpose to make the world a better place.  If not you, who?

Have a good 3-day weekend.  I will write more about you, you purpose and the world this weekend.  Comments welcome.