Alan Watts' View On Religion’s Purpose

Real religion is the transformation of anxiety into laughter.

I came upon this quote by the thoughtful Eastern philosopher and teacher Alan Watts.  The quote is one that will get you thinking.  There is certainly much anxiety in the world these days.  To me mnay religions often creates anxiety by being too authoritarian with so many rules and expected beliefs.   When is real laughter and joy nurtured in that kind of structure?  If your belief system limits laughter than it may be time to revisit your beliefs.

The world and its forms of order like governments, religions, corporations, and societal expectations seems to far removed from the inner joy and peace we all hope to experience.  Is laughter a part of your work, a part of your life.  If so you are on the right track.

Transformation means to move from the old ways to the more expansive present.  The transformation of anxiety into laughter would be going from the fear of the unknown to the joy of the moment.  

These ideas are what quote this stirred in me.  What thoughts get provoked in you?

Let the laughter be part of each day.  Laughter is good for the mind, the body, the heart and your spirit.