Educate To Nuture Individuals

Education in our society can do a much better job at growing individuals who think on their own, question so-called authority, hear their own unique calling, live with compassion, and be able to see the bigger picture.  Here are some ways to make education about bringing out the best in people:

1.    Help people find their purpose, the mission they have in their lifetime, and explore their potential
2.    Teach people to appreciate all cultures and become citizens of the world beyond their national boundaries
3.    Encourage people to be genuine, real individuals who listen to the guidance within
4.    Teach people that all life is precious, that wars make no sense, that all species on the planet have value
5.    Grow self-acceptance in all human beings.  Those who believe in themselves make better planetary citizens
6.    Teach the value of being an aware and conscious human being.  To spread consciousness will awaken the world
7.    Awaken the appreciation of beauty and wonder.  This planet is a gift and so is the rich beauty of nature and human creation
8.    Teach people to set limits, have personal boundaries, and reshape all laws so they are for the benefit of all the people
9.    Teach people the power of thoughtful and wise choices.  What matters most, for the good of all?
10.    Help people take on the big concerns of society and become positive agents for change

What would you add to make education about what is best for the people and the planet?  

Have a wonderful weekend and remember you can make a difference.