Take Time To Just Be

Another week is about to begin, what do you have planned today to relax and recharge.  Our lives are so busy with work, activities, and the day-to-day responsibilities what we can always being doing and never have time for being.  Doing is a positive because it means we are taking care of what needs to be done.  Being is also a positive thing because it means we are taking care of our inner needs.  Yesterday’s blog was focused on feelings.  When our feeling are paid attention to then we are being with how we feel.  

Other ways of being in your life include:

•    Listening to your inner urges and desires
•    Listening to your quiet wisdom and intuition
•    Following your urge to be creative
•    Hearing the needs of your inner child
•    Paying attention to your heart and the flow of love
•    Quieting the busy mind
•    Taking walks in nature and feeling your connection
•    Sensing the unity you have with all beings
•    Tuning into the guidance from your soul
•    Following your spirit’s call to soar as a human being
•    Pursuing your life’s purpose with passion
•    Realizing your human potential
•    Hearing the guidance of your higher self
•    Communing with Source, Higher Power, Great Spirit, God, Divine Mother
•    Finding comfort in just being who you are, self-acceptance
•    Say yes to what is right for you and no to what isn’t
•    Sitting, lying, walking in silence and enjoying the moment
•    Being in your body and appreciating it
•    Enjoying the simple things in life
•    Be conscious and aware in the now
•    Feeling gratitude for all the blessings of your life
•    Being at peace in your mind and heart

Try taking some time today to just be.  You deserve the joy of each moment.