Start With These Questions To Make the World a Better Place

I have been inviting you inwards lately to get to know yourself and your inner landscape of thoughts, feelings, potential, higher wisdom, purpose, passion and inner peace.  The reason I have been encouraging this exploration is two-fold:  one reason is to assist you in creating the life you want to live; the second is to bring more consciousness to you and therefore to the world.  Both reasons are very important to personal success and to making the world a better place.  Today I would like to address making the world a better place because it seems to be so important on many levels.  

Look around you and ask is the world the way we want it to be?  My thoughts and heart tell me there is a great need for positive change.  Here are some things that are going on that I think should concern us all:

•    There are more children on medications for their behavior than ever before and those numbers keep going up.  Is medication the answer?
•    There are more Americans in prison percentage wise than in any other country.  Is putting people in prison the answer? 
•    There are more and more people going hungry and the food supply in many countries is dangerous low.  What has caused this to happen when there is such great wealth?
•    There is something wrong when the oil companies are having record profits while the people are being squeezed at the gas pumps.  Is this unrestrained capitalism at its worst?
•    There are great problems in Washington DC due to the influence of money.  Unless the money influence is eliminated, the rich will get richer, the corporations will get all they want and the people’s needs don’t really matter.  Is this ok with you?
•    There are a very significant number of people in this country who don’t question what is going on, who believe what the TV tells them, and who think sports and entertainment are all that matters.  These people are not informed citizens and this compromises our democracy.  Are you informed and involved?
•    There are real problems with the distribution of wealth as 5% of the people have close to 90% of the wealth.  The world works very well for those 5% but not for the rest of us.  What needs to happen to bring a better balance?
•    There are real problems with the free-trade agreements and they are most costly to the people.  Sure there may be cheap goods but cheap goods often mean people are being taken advantage of.  Can the world be a better place when people are unfairly treated?
•    There are problems with climate change.  Reports that refute climate change are often funded by corporations. They want us to think differently than what the hundreds of concerned scientist are trying to tell us.  There are problems and we must act to change course. 
•    There are significant problems with health care.  Our nation is way behind most of the democracies of world in providing low-cost health care to its citizens.  Isn’t it time we catch up and take care of the people?
•    There are great problems with the personal debt and the incredible debt this nation has acquired this past 7-8 years.  There is something very wrong with this situation and we need to change course.  Do you agree?
•    There is this war in Iraq and possibly a war with Iran coming and none of this is necessary except for the need for power and greed.  Our nation is occupying Iraq for power and greed and may next attack Iran.  Is this ok with you?
•    There is now government sanctioned torture, illegal imprisonment, and more and more spying on Americans.  Are you ok with these violations of rights?
•    There are many other concerns including banking rates, insurance profits, drug companies’ profits and much more in which it seems there is little or no oversight.   Has our government let us down here?

Please get involved and get active and share your concerns and ideas.  You are needed today for the good of this nation and our democracy.  Your comments here are always welcomed.