Let The Summer Blossom In You

Inertia is a powerful force in our lives.  Life sometimes tricks us into thinking that it is best to stay with the familiar, to do it like we always have.  This disinterest in change may feel comfortable for a while but it soon looses its appeal when we see that, what we thought we had, is slipping away.  We like traveling in our groove, doing what is comfortable.  There are real benefits in habits that are healthful and helpful.  Unfortunately many habits and old ways no longer work very well.  It is too easy to become entranced by our old patterns even if they no longer serve us.

Summer began yesterday and it is the time of year for new growth.  This new growth, this blossoming of efforts isn’t just for the plant life.  In the brightness of summer it is time to promote new growth in you and I.  This new growth can come in a number of ways, from studying, taking courses, going to new places and maybe most powerful of all; changing patterns.  Disrupting the way we do things can be very helpful in moving new energy in a positive direction.  If you are feeling stuck, like things are not moving, then it may be time to look at your efforts and change them.  It also may be time to look at other ways and get some outside feedback.  

The old ways are ok as long as they work and your feel good about what you are doing.  If they stop working or you feel the need to expand or explore new possibilities then it is time to do so.  Staying the course will not work when you know it is time to change.  Finding a mentor or coach can be very helpful.  Taking some classes or doing some reading can stimulate new growth and new thinking.  Doing a thorough and objective assessment of your current mode of operation can give you important feedback.  If you are not growing and expanding in positive ways than you are most likely not feeling good about yourself and your life.

Take this warmer and sunnier time of year to contemplate where you want to go and what you want to do.  Maybe a vacation is needed just to clear your head, calm your thoughts, and open your intuitive process.  There is in you a knowing that you must pay attention to if you are to create the life you want.  Please make the next few months a time to get to know what changes you need to make to improve what you got going.  Let yourself nurture your growth, water the fruits of your new direction so there can be results to harvest as the fall arrives.  

I do provide coaching services and have for many years if you need a fresh perspective or want to have some assistance in committing yourself to new growth.  If you have questions or want some assistance, it is as simple as dropping me a note at explorelifeblog@inbox.com.

Living a life that is full of purpose and experiencing the rewards of your fullest expression will bring great joy to you and to the world you share with others.   Have a wonderful summer.