Take Action Today

I have been urging you to get involved in something that matters to you, for the benefit of humanity, the Earth, and our nation.  Here are a few organization you will find helpful pertaining to a number of different areas that need your help.

If the environment is a passion for you checkout:

If world hunger is something you can get passionate about checkout:
or your local food bank, food banks these days are struggling and they can use your help

If world peace is on your mind checkout:
www.peace-together.com   my small peace organization with a big mission

What can you get involved in that will feel like a worthwhile mission in your life?  You are needed and there is so much to do.  If you have a passion for something Google it, or go to Dogpile and search.  You will be amazed at all there is going on and how much your help is needed.  

A good general site is www.wiserearth.org to find about what people are doing all over the world to make a difference.  

Get focused, get inspired, get committed and get into action today.