The World Is A Challenge and Only You Can Do This

I have been listening to what is going on in the world.  I hear panic and fear.  I hear people trying to make sense of things.  I hear flooding and too many disasters.  I hear people struggling to put their lives’ in order.  I hear confusion and misinformation.  I hear people trying to keep positive when things are not going very well.  I hear people losing their homes, struggling in debt.  I hear people praying things get better.  I hear people out of touch with how they feel.  I hear people no longer working.  I hear the elder filing bankruptcy due to medical bills.  I hear the news and most of it is alarming.  I hear about huge profits.  I hear of poverty and hunger.  I hear of those who make millions of dollars a year.  I hear people closing their hearts.  I hear of America torturing others.  I hear of needless war and endless disputes.  

If you listen closely, you will hear that there is much unrest about and you may even feel it inside of you.  

Few escape the struggles of life and yet we all keep on going.  Why? You may wonder.  The answer is that life calls us forward. It demands of us to keep on going in search of the possibility around the corner, the next day, not too far into the future or the glimmer of hope we feel inside.   Yes this all can feel overwhelming at times but inevitably we pick ourselves up and keep on going.  We do this because we know this path we are on demands of us not to quit; wants us to make something more out of the time we are given on the Earth.  That full expression of who we are is what we are here to do.  

There is no two of us with the same tasks.  Each of us knows inside what calls us and we must listen because to do less would leave us feeling not ok.  Yet some settle for less, quit trying and make excuses for not living life fully.  What each person does is ok.  

Each of us is given a unique set of life tools.  No one gets the same skills, aptitudes or interests.  That is because no one else on the entire planet is able to do what you are here to do.  Your expression of you is totally unique to you.  You playing your note in the musical of life will help create the best world we are all capable of helping make happen.  You and only you can do and be who you are.  

Today Please Make a Commitment To Yourself and the Planet and Be You as Fully as You Can Be.  Yes there will be hurdles to clear but we all have them.  Don’t let anything stop you.  Living this way will bring great joy to you and the world.